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Music where you need it

Music makes us better. That's what we believe, because we've all experienced it. We've all had moments of music helping us, making us feel happy or just making us feel better. Live music provides an outlet like nothing else can. But what happens when someone can't get to live music, or it's just not set up for them? That's when we hope we can help.

Through The Music at Home Service (The MHS) we bring music right to people's homes. Our musicians aren't only gifted instrumentally, but are chosen for the rapport they build with the people they support with their music.

Perhaps you or a loved one can't leave the house often, have a condition or accessibility needs? Live music in your lounge might seem a bit odd, but a cuppa and a song can go a long way to improving your day.

Embrace the Change is a 12-week songwriting group to include anyone who's interested in working towards performing their own songs themselves, or being part of a group to create music and memorable moments. It's for peri/menopausal women, especially those who don't feel included in the 'Davina' effect.

Group sessions are available as songwriting workshops, live music sessions and singing groups. If you're interested in these, just get in touch.

Collaboration with other organisations is really important to us. We don't want to reinvent the wheel and we know there are fantastic organisations supporting people that we can help.

As a new organisation, we are establishing ourselves in the rural locations of Powys and Shropshire initially, but we hope to grow to offer more people a musical experience that's unique to them.